Rental of conference rooms in unique Parisian venues and organization of corporate events.

We believe that the success of an event is primarily linked with the choice of the place in which it takes place. Because they all have distinctive features, each of our locations has its own soul.

For over fifteen years, many types of corporate events in B2B and B2C have been organized in these venues such as: meetings, executive committees, conferences and seminars, workshops, showrooms, cocktails, Team Building… Over time we have gained a unique experience and a system that enables us to organize successful events. Along with the venue, we will provide you with our network of experts (content, directors, creative experts, production directors, caterers…) who will make your event livelier and inspiring.

Rêvez d’ailleurs is changing and growing: Our aim is to surprise you by offering new venues and new formulas on a regular basis. Please feel free to leave your e-mail address (at the right-hand side corner of this page) in order to receive our newsletter or for any information.