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Isabelle  Lelong-Clabérot Isabelle  Lelong-Clabérot

Isabelle Lelong-Clabérot



Hell is in the details… But nothing escapes her because she is diabolic! She has been working in the event production for many years so she knows her job by heart.

Nickname : Isa

Charline  Marteau 
Charline  Marteau

Charline Marteau


She is watching over the company’s accounts… She seems to be giggling but if we can give you an advice, don’t try not to pay your bill.

Nickname : CharlYne

François Cézard François Cézard

François Cézard


He started in the event field by chance and he is always looking for the small detail that makes all the difference !

Nickname : Tronpa

Philippe  Aubert
Philippe  Aubert

Philippe Aubert


He is the one finding new places and new customers. He loves dreaming too…

Nickname : Philipo

Sales department

Audrey Vauzelle


She has been working in the event industry for many years especially in the animation sector. She is going to find you exactly what you need…

Nickname : Good Deal

Sophie Leclerc

01 46 47 20 04


Nickname :

Camille Legrand


She looks like a ghost: she is never there… But that is perfectly normal because she is always looking for new customers!

Nickname : Mica

Production department

Ludivine Labbé


She is Isa’s right-hand and left-hand too! An iron fist in a velvet glove! She seems to be wise but do not mistaken, she is not…

Nickname : Ludi

Abdellah Youssfi

What is incredible with him is that he is discreet and efficient at the same time. He always manages your event smoothly and with the smile.

Nickname : Abdel

Wilfred Tchatchouang

Full of energy and reassuring, his presence during your event will give tou "Zen Attitude".

Nickname : Wil

Khadija Jaïziri

01 46 21 94 52

She is the Atelier’s Good Fairy! Do not try to make a spot on the walls or you would regret it. Her tagine is the best ever!

Nickname : Kadij

Pedro Boc

He is Rêvez d’Ailleurs’ Swiss knife! A brush in one hand and a wrench in the other one, he is able to repair or tinker everything. If our settings are always as clean as they are, this is thanks to him…

Nickname : Pedro

Cristina Boc

With her, everything is shining… But don’t tell anybody that she is flirting with Pedro …

Nickname : Cristina