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With Rêvez d’ailleurs, you can easily choose between several venues that could match with the kind of
event you would like to organize.

Finding the most adequate setting for your event is the heart of our job. Have you chosen your venue?
We shall move on to the next step that is to take care of the rest of the organization…

Let’s start with the catering. In France, we all know that food is one of the most important thing especially when you take the decision to organize an event... If you are looking for the best quality-price ratio for a breakfast, a seminar or a friendly diner at the Atelier or at the Karé, here are our best deals…

Our best deals

You are looking for a special kind of catering or caterers: we have partnerships with some of them with whom we are used to working with but some caterers are not part of our partners’ list. However, all of them are welcomed in our venues in order to help you having the best event.

Our catering

You should now choose the kind of animation that would enhance your event. Serious, funny, business-oriented, cultural or gastronomic activities, here are some original activities that have already been experienced for you:

Our animation

Finally, there are still important details we need to take care of: do you need nametags, interpreters, a photographer, a transport service or a valet parking? Here are our best solutions:

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